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Expression of Gratitude

Sr. No. Student Name Achieved Opportunity Qualification Year Letter
1 Shadab Fatima Working with TCS M.C.A. 2014 1_0001_1449463502.pdf
2 Hyder Raza Working with SKS B.Tech 2012 1_0002_1449464559.pdf
3 Rameez Hasan Syed Working with Procon B.Tech 2012 1_0003_1449464973.pdf
4 Tasbih Fatima Rizvi Working with Cadila BPharma 2012 1_0004_1449465911.pdf
5 Mohd Asghar Zaidi M.Tech 2011 Mohd Asghar Zaidi_1449549900.pdf
6 Uzma Rizvi Working in McKinsey MBA 2010 Uzma Rizvi_1449550046.pdf
7 Syeda Insiya Fatima Doctor MBBS 2012 Insiya Fatima_1449550178.pdf
8 Syed Mohd Riza Husain Naqvi Working in PGCIL B.Tech 2012 Syed Mohd Riza Husain Naqvi_1450004770.pdf
9 Ali Hasan Doctor MBBS 2011 Dr_1450004863. Ali Hasan
10 Dr. Manisha Raza Doctor MBBS 2009 Dr_1450675910. Manisha Raza
11 Dr. Rumana Tahir Doctor BDS 2009 Dr_1450676037. Rumana Tahir
12 Shimpi Rizvi Working in Mawana MBA 2009 Shimpi Rizvi_1450676624.pdf
13 Syed Hiader Abbas Rizvi M.Tech 2011 Syed Hiader Abbas Rizvi_1450677067.pdf
14 Shabib Akbar Naqvi Working in Infosis B.Tech 2004 Shabib Akbar Naqvi_1450678316.pdf
15 Mohd Jafar Zaidi Working in Hewlett B.Tech 2004 Mohd Jafar Zaidi_1450678720.pdf