A councelling program for students of class XI and XII will be held on Sunday, 25th August 2019 at Unity College. For detail Pls. contact TMT office (+91 522 2265600, info@tauheed.net)       

Knowledge Share With Our Student

If you are a person with any skills can inspire and enrich our students and staff we would love to host a talk with you at any of our institutions: Following professionals are especially desired:

Educators: principal, teacher or a professor

If you have managed a school or have been a teacher,
our staff will be glad to share experience with you

Medical Professionals

Medical professionals can share experience with our staff

Authors, Writers, Speakers and Artists

You can inspire our would be authors, writers, speakers and artists

Authors, Writers, Speakers and Artists

Researchers – Scientists – Technocrats – Managers –
Bankers – Journalist – Media Professionals
Give us a tour of the your focus area you are so passionate about.

If you are visiting India make sure to take a detour via Lucknow and visit our institutions.