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From The Secretary Desk

In the name of Allah, The most Beneficent and Merciful

I’m proudly presenting to you the 31st annual report of Tauheedul Muslimeen Trust. The Government of India is constantly warning me that I’m on the target list of terrorist organization Indian Mujahideen and insist on providing me with security which, in my belief, is not essential. The guards might not be able to protect me but they will rather lose their own lives. Considering the state of affairs, this might be my last report of the trust. It’s very gratifying to realize that Allah has chosen me to work for the betterment of the society. Its written tin hadith that even an atheist surrenders to the will of the almighty God and consciously or sub-consciously becomes a part of His plants. I’m not an atheist and I’m not saying that I’m a learned man. I’m an ordinary person, a negligible part of the universe, full of repentance of the sins committed by me. I’m grateful to Him for acquainting me with The of people who are far more capable, have a philanthropic bent of mind and are generous toward the need of the society. It’s because of their compassion that the multifarious schemes and plans of TMT could be implemented in a practical sense. A glimpse of all the

I’m grateful to Him for acquainting me with the kind of people who are far more capable, have a philanthropic bent of mind and are generous toward the needs of the society.

Work undertaken by the trust; which was made possible because of the commendable work done by such talented person, is illustrated in this report. At this juncture, it would be unfair to not mention my son-in-law Mr. Najmul Hasan Rizvi’s laudable efforts and dedicated toward the cause. This talented young man gave up a better paying job in the UAE and came back to India to be associated with TMT and work selflessly for our community. By the grace of Almighty Allah, Najmul Hasan (Najmi) is admired by the community’s philanthropists and by the members of the TMT. I’m certain that MrNajmi and

For the betterment of our society, it is crucial to provide quality education to the poor and down-trodden children of our community.

The members of the board will continue to work for bringing about a positive change in the state of affairs of our community ta a great extent if not dramatically. I hope my three sons Kalbe Husain, Kalbe Sibtain and Kalbe Mehdi (Muntazir) will continue to serve the trust with the fervor and responsibility. It pains me to note that by and large, the Muslim community is passing through the worst phase and the affairs of the Shia community and those living on the outskirts and rural areas are all the more critical and unmentionable. Poverty and illiteracy has forced them to live a life of despair and hopelessness. Day by day the situation is getting complicated. Finance for education and marriage of girls, a home for the homeless, medical aid for those suffering is getting difficult to procure. Religious leadership is marked by a feeling of animosity, hostility and self-centeredness. Morality and spirituality have lost their importance but the community does not abstain from indulging in a plethora of unnecessary customs and rituals predominant even in today’s time. Superstition is widespread in the community. Every other day a new diktat from a religious leader comes rolling into the realm of the common public just to ensure a mass following and heavy applause. On the other hand, the common man doesn’t abstain from employing his young ones in the dingy kaamdaani and zariquaters to add to the meager family income. Burqa- clad women are driven out of the comfort of their homes since morning to look for a livelihood. Fabrication and self-centeredness have become predominant in the society. But let’s not get disheartened by the present scenario. The Trust deems itself responsible for providing education to the under-privileged children and we are glad that it has been able to fetch a positive change in their environment. A sight of this can be seen in the slum dwellings where free education schemes are introduced for these young ones.

Solution to the problem:

For the betterment of our society, it is crucial to provide education to the poor and down-trodden children of our community. Eradication of illiteracy is the first step towards this direction but there are many more avenues to conquer. The self-confidence required in our community can only be achieved through ideological revolution. The founding stone of major revolutions around the world in countries like Russia, France or entire Europe was based on it. Such revolution being the epicenter of major uprising in the world is imperative for the progress of our community as a whole. While the Middle East is currently in turmoil, there are countries in the region that underwent major positive transformations and continue to serve as inspiration for others. Such countries ha an abundance of oil reserves but their social norms were floundering. Illiteracy, alcoholism, obscenity and indecent behavior were prevalent in the society. Unthinking consumerism robbed the society of all its conscience, courage, and self-respect. The hardship and sacrifices demonstrated by Islamic Ulemas finally shook the society from the deep slumber of ignorance. The emergence of Islamic philosophy spurred a revival of the essence of Islamic beliefs. The regions have displayed tremendous will, courage and maturity to ward off subsequent conspiracies of reactionary forces. Such example give me hope that reforms would be brought in the society by the religious heads. The disappointment caused by majority ofreligious leaders and their sermons is counter-balanced by the Indian scholars studying abroad in relatively more enlightened societies and migrating to their native land. Alhamdulillah (with the will of God) such students have worked hard and are courageous enough to transform the community and bring it on the path of self-righteousness. We can say that the present is bleak but the future is definitely not.

Thank you

Mr. P Inamdaar belongs to Pune, Maharashtra. He exhibits a charismatic personality and has spent his entire life with the mission to impact education in the Muslim masses. The renowned Azam campus of Pune is the result of this sedulity and efficiency. At present there are several institutions within the campus. I sincerely doubt that such an extensive project of Muslims is being executed anywhere else in the country with dexterity. Inamdar sahib is neither a Shia nor a Sunni but simple a Muslim. Several year back, he had visited Unity College as the chief guest of a function and gave an inspiring and memorable speech on the occasion. We are grateful that he has started taking keen interest in TMT and its mission to spread education. We hope that through his persistent efforts and guidance, our mission will be executed and implemented. We are Thankful to him and will always remember him in our prayers.


I extend my heart-felt condolences for these remarkable people whose services towards the trust are commendable. These men of compassion acted as my hosts in UK and USA. They made laudable efforts in promoting the cause of TMT. May Allah reward them for their kindness and their souls rest in peace.

1. Late Syed AsgharHaiderKazmi of Surrey, United Kingdom, was a representative of the trust in UK and my host. He was also a well-wisher and donor of the trust.

2. Marhoom Dr. SaiyyidSibte Hasan Rizvi of South Jersey, USA.
I’m glad to mention that Mr. Rizvi was a pioneer in establishing Aza-e-Imam Husain (a.s.) in New Jersey. It’s noteworthy that he was also a founding member and supporter of several institutions.

3. MarhoomNaqi Ali Khan of United Kingdom. Mr. Khan was a well-wisher and donor of the trust. I am thankful to all those who have supported TMT in its endeavour and those who continue to do so in different capacities. Your Compassion, generosity and regard for social justice continue to give us hope and inspiration essential for our progress.