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Advocate & Raise Awareness

Advocate & Raise Awareness

A large number of our community members have not yet realized importance of education especially in 3rd world countries. In India, many parents put their kids into small trades such as Ari-Zardozi (handicraft) from childhood for quick cash. Kids do not get opportunity to learn and develop their full potential. Significant money is spent into display items such as big house, cars, jewellery and events such as birthdays and matrimonial. Instead main portion of the budget should go into best possible education of the kids.
We need a sustained campaign to make people realize how critical education is for our living with dignity. We recommend every one of our readers to do whatever they can in their circle of influence to raise awareness about importance of education.

Following are a few suggestions:

  • Discuss need of quality education in your extended family and make sure kids are receiving quality education.
  • In congregations such birthdays, barbecues, dinner parties and marriage celebrations start conversations promoting quality education.
  • Encourage local community leaders to start with a school if they are considering building a mosque or an Islamic centre. Activities of Mosque and Islamic centre can also be held at the school.
  • > Exchange news and articles which promote education.
  • > Introduce our programs & services to people in your circle of influence. Encourage them to follow our model in their local communities. Our printable flyer, brochure and annual reports are available on the website.
  • > Design programs to help poor in getting quality education
  • > Organize a small event at your home and invite someone to speak on the subject of education.