Admissions in M.U. College, Aligarh are open for class IV to IX & XI (Science & Commerce Streams) only for boys. Start Date: 15th January 2023.       

Education Aid Program

Education is powerful because without it, early civilizations would have struggled to survive and thrive as a culture. It is important that adults trained the young of their society in the knowledge and skills they would need to master and eventually pass on. The biggest part of growing up is making the right choices that benefit you in the future. The idea is to get an education so you can choose a career, have hope, and reach your goals and dreams - whether that means becoming a doctor, scientist, or teacher or whether that means pursuing a trade of value.

To this end, TMT has taken the initiative to provide easy access to quality education for underprivileged youth by offering scholarships to students of merit, from lower nursery through grade XII and on to university or training in the vocational trades and higher professional education. Thus, we encourage education because we know it will serve the child in becoming a contributing member of the community and responsible citizens of our country.

In Year 2011-12 scholarships were awarded to approximately 2100 students out of which 135 students were studying engineering, 85 students management courses and 40 were enrolled in medical schools.

The scholarships are offered on merit cum means bases.

All applications are put through a following evaluation process

  • Evaluation of Past Academic Performance.

  • Financial Evaluation of the applicant family resources:
    • Annual earnings
    • Number of dependents
    • Level of educational / medical commitment towards family members.
    • Applied for full or partial assistance.
    • Repayment plan / Commitment.
    • CR of the field workers or TMT representative in the locality
  • Evaluation of Professional Course & Institute.
    • Admission through accredited Common Entrance / Selection test or by payment of Capitation Fee.
    • The market acceptance of the course.
    • Ranking of Institute based on - Ownership is Private or Government; Faculty; Infrastructure; Placement History and reputation in job market)