Admissions in M.U. College, Aligarh are open for class IV to IX & XI (Science & Commerce Streams) only for boys. Start Date: 15th January 2023.       

Internship at Our Institutions

Our schools and colleges are in following locations in India:
> Lucknow
> Allahabad
> Aligarh

These cities are known for their rich culture and hospitability. Especially Lucknow which is known all over the world among those who have roots in Indian subcontinent.

TMT will be happy to provide internship at any of our following institutions:

> Unity College, Lucknow
> Unity Mission School
> Unity College, Allahabad
> MU College, Aligarh
> Unity Education Programme ( Takes you to take up projects in schools operating in rural areas    and small towns)
> ERA Medical College, Lucknow
> HIZA Hospital, Lucknow
> Unity Industrial Training Centre ( A vocational Training Institute in Lucknow)

Internship program can be customized to specific needs for kids who are highschool or undergraduate students. The programs could include but not limited to the following:

Internship at ERA’s Medical College

ERA is a full-fledged medical college. Patients are treated there as well as students receive education for MBBS degree. Interns can be assigned all kinds of activities which will give them necessary exposure and hands on experience if they are exploring medicine as a career.

Internship at HIZA Hospital

HIZA is a small hospital providing basis diagnosis and treatment. Aspiring medical students can work with real doctors and patients to learn real-life training.

Internship at Unity College, Lucknow, Unity Public School Allahabad or MU College Aligarh

All unity institutions are in English-medium. Interns will find themselves at home. There are host of internship opportunities for high school and undergraduate students, including but not limited to the following:

Teach & Learn Language

Kids there find American English accent amusing. Interns as well as host students can learn English & Urdu from each other. This is a good way of cultural exchange.
Teach Tech

Interns are likely to have more advanced knowledge of technology. They can teach kids there use of tools such as Microsoft Word, Excel and Windows.
Teach & Learn a Specific Subject

If you are good in a subject such as science or geography you can put together a small course on PowerPoint and teach kids there. Likewise you can learn subjects such as Mathematics from them.
Be Principal or School Coordinator for a Week

Work with principal and coordinator and get insights into what goes on into running a school.

Internship at TMT, Lucknow

> TMT is the umbrella organization running all these institutions. See inner workings of TMT.
> Meet aspiring students who are pursuing higher education and different institutions all over    India but cannot afford tuition or boarding.
> This will make them appreciate what they have and may develop compassion to help others.

Point to Note:

> Ideal way to plan internship will to make it like a vacation where kids teach & learn for a short    time and also visit the host city.
> Lucknow has great treasure of historical monuments such as Bara Imambarah/Bhool Bhulaiaa,    Chhota Imambarah. Agra is close by too. ( )
> Lucknowy people are known for their delicacy, manners and hospitability. Kids would enjoy their    stay at Lucknow.
> Internship at MU College in University city of Aligarh will be great too since it is a boarding    college already. Interns will enjoy living with their peers and have fun.
> TMT will sponsor visa and arrange trip.
> As bonus kids will have pleasure of meeting Dr. Kalbe Sadiq and learn from his decades of    experience in community service.
> Please note “college” in India refers to a high school as well as a degree college. Our colleges    are not degree colleges yet.